Alcarrás and Un Año Una Noche Crown a Golden Year of Spanish Cinema

That Spain is capable of generating high-level cinema outside of the most commercial genres is not a secret, but in any case it is still striking to see a year as busy as . Starting with a film like ‘ Alcarrás’ by Carla Simón, going through experimental films like ‘Unicorn Wars’ and ‘Rainbow’, and arriving at ‘One Year, One Night’ by Isaki Lacuesta, it is easy to see that a good part of the best films of the year are made at home. But the box office has also noticed it with the success, already repeated, say whatever about Segura, but it is consistent) or the comfort with which Works like .


Renglones Torcidos de Dios’ have become profitable. With a couple of premieres like ‘The Fourth Passenger’ by Alex de la Iglesia or ‘Manticore’ by Carlos Vermut, this streak does not seem to end yet to reach theaters. Alcarràs by Carla Simón | Spanish trailer | Avalon Although Segura loves to brag  Denmark Phone Number Data that his films are the most important of the year, there seems to be little doubt that when historians go through 2022 the film that will define Spanish cinema will probably be ‘Alcarrás’. Carla Simón’s film, which boasts a healthy two million euros, with some change, is one of the most talked about in local cinema and is the film selected by Spain for that chimera that is the Oscar for “best international film.

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Taboolayou may like The unpublished photo of Letizia, affectionate with her lover Jaime del Burgo behind Felipe’s back But the film also enters squarely into that division between progress and reality that has ended up creating “Empty Spain”, with a farming family seeing how their farm is Germany Phone Number List  into a space designed for the installation of solar panels. It is one of those films that, in addition to being good, which it is, appear at the exact moment to portray the transformation of a historical reality. The truth is that the film , ignoring the absurd controversy over its language (it was filmed in Catalan), has been widely and is a brutal reminder that the constant progress with which we live leaves things and people in the way. the success of ‘Alcarrás.

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