Below is simple installation

The Different profiles of the assembly have different mounting options. Some require direct mounting on the wall or ceiling while others may require the support of brackets. It is important to choose the installation method that best suits your project. Installing Corner Profiles The next step after choosing the right corner profiles is to install them correctly.  guide Measurements and Preparation Start by measuring the area you want to install to ensure the profile dimensions are correct. Then clean the mounting surface to ensure there is no dirt or grease. Profile Cutting Use a hacksaw or scissors to cut the profile to fit the installation area. Be careful not to damage the outline.

Installing the Bracket if

The profile requires bracket support, please ensure that the bracket is install securely and can support the weight of the profile and light strip. Fastening the profile Use a suitable adhesive or double-sid tape to secure the profile to the wall or ceiling. Make sure the profile is install vertically or horizontally depending Indonesia Number Data on the desir effect. Light strip installation installs the light strip inside the profile. Make sure the connections are correct and the power cord is easily connect to the power source. Testing and Adjustment Test lighting effects after installation is complete. Adjust brightness and color according to your nes.

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Create unique lighting effects

Once install you can start creating unique lighting effects. A variety of lighting effects can be achiev with corner profiles. Here are some examples of soft background lighting. Install Iran Phone Number corner profiles in the corners of walls or ceilings to achieve soft background lighting. This effect can increase the warmth and comfort of indoor spaces. Decorative lighting can create a variety of decorative effects indoors by choosing light strips of different colors and profiles with high transparency. For example, gold strips of light can be install on the top of the restaurant to create

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