BlackFlag is born a new concept of independent agency

BlackFlag is born, an open source independent agency concept that attracts the best independent talent and whose objective is to help companies work on their most iconic and differential side. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . After the success of Blue Banana, the iconic “X” brand that is sweeping Generation Z, its founders, Juan Fernandez-Estrada and Nacho Rivera, together with Bernardo Moleón, former MRM of the McCann advertising agency and the company creative PS21, burst into the sector with an innovative value proposition compared to that of conventional creative companies, combining brand experience design, creativity and content.

Digital talent is no longer only in agencies

Creative and Increasingly, these professionals are developing their own projects, embarking on their own path. From BlackFlag, we integrate industry email list it and connect to the brand or company as if we were part of them, without friction, without compatibility errors, in the most natural and honest way possible,” comments Bernardo Moleón, co-Founder and CSO of BlackFlag . BlackFlag pivots on three large areas: brand strategy and positioning, in order to create iconic and scalable business models; creativity, creating ideas and platforms that connect brands with culture and context; and content, in order to cover the new needs of brands, especially in social media.

Juan Fernandez-Estrada and Nacho Rivera with Bernardo Moleón at the helm

The founders of Blue Banana Brand, together with Bernardo Moleón , are the main promoters of this new company that already has recurring Calling List collaboration agreements, with more than 20 national and international independent professionals, with great creative, strategic, design and design consultants. business. As well as strategic alliances with other emerging companies including Amigos Solutions, Creatit or Estudio Cayena among others. BlackFlag_Nacho-y-Juan «Since we started the Blue Banana project, many companies have been attracted to our trajectory and have come to us to get to know us up close. After the success of our brand, we are facing a new project in which we hope to be able to help many companies to build their most iconic side and achieve their objectives,” says Juan Fernandez- Estrada, co-founder of BlackFlag and co-CEO of Blue. Banana Brand . 

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