How to use Pinterest for businesses and professionals

Which comes from interesting) You may be wondering why I defined Pinterest as a social search engine and not as a social network, it’s very simple. Promote your personal or business brand : Show yourself or your work team how you work on a daily basis, show what you are passionate about about your work, how you do it… Promote your brand is also present on Pinterest! Organize your brainstorm : Pinterest will help you open your mind and inspire you in a way you would not have imagined.

How to use

How to To do this, create boards by top people data categories and have all your inspirations organized and at hand. Don’t worry, I’ll explain how to do it later! Do you have an e-commerce? This is your site : Create catalogs of your products on this social network, add attractive images with an eye-catching description and increase the sales of your business. Encourage your curiosity : When you search for specific content and click on a publication, the social network shows you more related content, so it becomes a loop that is often difficult to get out of. And apart from these benefits.

Pinterest Pins

Why do I think you should Calling List be on this social network? First, because. How to there are very few people in it (at least in digital marketing). Look at my profile, with the little I’ve moved on it, it has more than 4,000 followers and about 620 thousand monthly views . SOMETHING BRUTAL!!! my profile on pinterest com If you would like to follow me on Pinterest just click here to visit my profile.And mainly, because of the data in this image from my Google Analytics from the last 3 months. I put it so you can see which is the social network that brings me the most traffic to my Digital Marketing blog, and draw your own conclusions.

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