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Buyer personas These are the contents that have the aim of clearly communicating the results obtainable. By the individual , therefore assuming renew importance we suggest you read the article in more detail. Content Marketing strategy and complete guide. A narrative flow that plays the role of guide. A good onboarding strategy involves the creation of content and messages. That are coordinat with each other, in order to lead the user towards the moment. In which the value and validity of the product will be fully understood . However, being able to create content, or rather a narrative flow, capable of guiding the user is not so simple.

A user who has just sign

Up to your platform nes to be support and help in a different way than a user who has been using your service for months. In this sense, communication must be adapt bas seo expater bangladesh ltd on the level of familiarity that the customer has with the service. The messages you send therefore have different objectives bas on the stage of the journey the user is in. Intercom has creat a structure call CARE , which identifies all the levels. A user encounters from the first use of the product, underlining which are the touchpoints. With the company, and the useful techniques for establishing a profitable long-term relationship.

That acts as a springboard

Convert convert potential users into end customers, often through a free demo to convince the user to purchase the product Activate once the purchase has been made, immiately show the add value of the service that the user has purchas, perhaps inducing him to carry out his first projects or complete a series of precise steps Retain create a relationship of loyalty over time, for example by Calling List leveraging a valid assistance system. Expand Increasingly engage power users through new features or innovations so they can get more from the service. At each phase of this structure, communication takes on an ever-changing form and roles , for this reason, in order to create a coherent narrative flow,

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