Chilchota Foundation will increase its donations in kind

We have pointe out in “Business Foundations” that the contribution that companies make when creating their foundation to complement their corporate social responsibility actions are extremely important and useful for the corporation since it allows it to “shield” from any act of proselytizing that contributes to its own contribution to others. They want to get political shit. It has been expresse that a company’s contributions to philanthropy can cover different fields. From donations of money and talent to contributions in time and kind. We have also note that when a business foundation donates in kind. In realitys is manage with its company the granting of goods or services generate by the company. These assets legally belong to the company, that is, to a corporation and therefore a civil association is not the owner. But is then in charge of analyzing where the resources that the company donates will be best investe.

For this reason it is notable

The news was publishe last week with the titlethe Mexican brothers who were detaine in Fortaleza. Brazil; accuse of harassing a Thailand Mobile Number List woman and hitting a citizen. After the legal problems to regain their freedom. They decide to found a civil organization that aims to provide help to fellow citizens who find themselves in a situation similar to the one they suffere, that is, lack of justice and support from their authorities. The President pointe out that it is a good idea but two problems arise. The first already choosing an impractical name, since they want to baptize it as “It was not criminal… nor will it be” civil association. Apparently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for reviewing the viability of the name does not agree, said the President. The second, how will they finance their programs.

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The Treasurer of the organization

Perhaps we are facing a new case where the novel experience of people who are intereste in helping enter philanthropy Buy Egypt Phone Number thinking that with the “simple” act of founding an organization. “The donations will fall like rain”. Furthermore, everything seems to indicate that this effort is actually being channele into an operational organization. Not a foundation. He expresse that in the project and in the interviews that the brothers have given to the media. It is perceive that there are many loose ends and that many of the actions depend on a third party, which does not guarantee its success. The Secretariat of the Board of Directors pointe out that the Azteca Foundation in its most recent Azteca Movement raise funds for the sterilization of dogs.

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