Communicate the path to promotion

Top talent knows their worth and is motivated Communicate. The  to continually develop their skills. If they see your agency as a dead end, you will miss out on the best people for your content marketing team.” – Jessica Kandler, Map Compass Great people know their value and are motivated to continually. Develop their skills, says JessicaKandler. Click to Tweet No one wants to work for a company that doesn’t value their skills. In your job description, emphasize that you’re looking for someone who can grow with your organization. 

Create Communicate the a style guide

“The purpose of a comprehensive style guide is to ensure top industry data consistency across all content. It also gives writers something to refer to if they have questions.” – Kyra Kuik , Planday The purpose of a comprehensive style guide is to ensure. Consistency across all content, says KyraKuik. Click to Tweet There’s nothing worse than a disjointed voice tone that varies from platform to platform. A style guide is essential when expanding your content team and bringing in new writers. With a documented tone of voice, vocabulary list, and communication .

Teach using osmosis

Surround yourself with your team as often as possible, Calling List  talk to people. One-on-one, and make sure they know your values. You won’t regret it.” – Gary Vaynerchuk , Vayner Media Talk one-on-one with your team members and make sure they know your values, says garyvee. Click to Tweet While it’s helpful to have a style guide and documented work processes, it’s also important for new hires to learn through real-time communication. Gary is not a fan of working from home and likes to instill his employees in his culture through face-to-face interactions. However, even if your content team is made up of freelancers scattered around the world. 

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