Content is the language of social responsibility

The term social responsibility usually sounds very corporate to the ears of society in general, and no wonder, since it is a concept that was born within CSOs and companies in order to build organizations concerned about society and the environment. atmosphere; But if the term has this connotation, how can we make it attractive to consumers?  After that, How to ensure that it is considered an added value within the offer of products and services? The answer comes from a new wave in communication. We cannot develop a message like this hoping to build it on the foundations of old marketing; New concepts and tools are necessary. The current generations, those who already have purchasing power, are not passive entities sitting in front of a television waiting for a commercial message. Its reality is far from that.

They are individuals

Who consume content at will and not on schedule; They decide what to see and when to see it, from their laptops. Tablets or even their smartphones. They are users of social networks. Experts in citizens of  reality that began  Buy Jamaica Mobile Number Database ten years ago and of which we are barely seeing the tip of the iceberg. This generation demands fewer commercial offers and more stories that amuse, entertain, inspire and persuade them. You are used to consuming videos on Facebook or YouTube, devouring images on Instagram. Small textual snacks on Twitter and now.  After that, Of course, live content through This is the group to which brands must speak today. And beyond all this. How to convey a message that speaks of responsibility. It is the new rule in communication.

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The brands that manage

To do this are those that will be winning the hearts and minds of the new generation. Who are doing this? If we look at large Cambodia Phone Number List corporations . It will be easy to discern this trend. Because obviously their marketing areas have been advancing in this direction for years. And when they also manage to cross it with a sustainable message. The results are even better. A clear example is this short story of the 2015 Spark EV. After that, An electric vehicle that has sold more than 1 million units in the world. Since Chevrolet has managed to incorporate advanced technology in electric motorization in a very fun but also safe car; In fact. The limited edition model is the only one in the segment to obtain the Top Safety Pick recognition. It is a car with obvious advantages for sustainability. Giving users the possibility of opting for a zero-emission car in terms of fuel.

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