Loyalty – in this stage you continue to fall in love

Loyalty – in th stage you continue to fall in love with the customer who already purced since it much easier to keep a customer than to get a new one Automation automating the processes in which we interact with the databases essential to analyze the results and determine actions according to the havior of our clients or users. Tools such as crm or email marketing deliver numerical results which provide fundamental information about how our users or clients react or have. There are many moments in which automations can programmed such as lead acquition funnel with the aim of increasing the contacts in the database and giving a very friendly.

Measure the impact

Welcome to your new users you can generate automation by capturing the attention of newcomers inviting them to leave their data in exchange for information or some nefit that they consider valuable. Lead cultivation funnel to gain the trust of your mobile app designs service users or clients and generate interest in your products or services motivating them to buy from you you can create an automation offering them valuable content that useful to find a solution to a need or problem that they have. He online sales funnel to increase income per customer and build customer loyalty you can create an.

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Automation that directs your customers to the purce offering them something complementary to the product or service they want to buy or have already bought from you. Up-selling and cross-selling funnel with the aim of making your customers fall more and more Calling Lt in love with your brand with programmed automation you can deliver additional content to confirm that your product or service the solution to those needs or problems that he Ways to build loyalty through automation do you want to build customer loyalty and make.

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