Corporate volunteers who go from one day to a week of service

Some corporate volunteers were very active during the summer. This fact is an encouragement that encourages other companies to decide to deepen their ties with their community. The modalities of business participation are beginning to expand to no longer only consider reforestation days as the main reason for voluntary service. On the other hand, it stands out that some corporations are betting on their activities being longer in a matter of time. On the one hand, volunteers from the company Samsung Electronics met in white Mérida to perform volunteer service for a week through its Employee Volunteer Programwere members of the corporate locate in Seoul, Korea and they travele specifically to our country to carry out community service sessions, such as the installation of a digital classroom, which the company calls Digital Samsung Smart School Solution at Technical Secondary School No. 23 Boys Heroes.

In addition, the volunteers donated various

Equipment including computers, tablets, air conditioning, etc. Other volunteers participate by teaching classes on information Buy Costa Rica Cell Phone Number Database technologies. On the other hand , Banamex , in alliance with the National Commission of Protecte Natural np. Another company that mobilize volunteers this summer for a week was Walmart . To attend to  more than 800 activities were organize such as reconditioning of public school facilities, beach cleaning, cultivation of park flora, preventive maintenance of hospitals,churches and shelters and reforestation. The large volume of volunteers mobilize by Walmart is explaine because, in addition to being one of the most robust corporations with 3 thousand establishments in Mexico, the program also involves establishments in Central America. celebrate an alliance with Walmart so that together the companies and their volunteers considere another lung of the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City.

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More than in the construction of cisterns

Provision and installation of ecological stoves, construction of blocks adobe for the construction of chicken coops and silos for is Bolivia Phone Number List limite to the corporate program romotes the development of skills that allow us to combat nutrition problems triggere by poverty and improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries in the long term. Through the program, communities have been serve im another front, Philip Morris Mso that 150 volunteers from the company participate in the “Painting Smiles” volunteer day, through which the facilities of different shelters and homes were maintaine. The volunteers also previously collecte school supplies that they donate to the children for the start of the new school year.

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