Demystifying Off-Page SEO Audits Techniques and Best Practices

How the crawl budget Demystifying Off Mastering. On is being distributed. That is, the time that these robots allocate to explore your website. You will be able to see if there are server errors. What type of files are being. ​​Insights , the Google tool that assigns a score to a domain based on. The time it takes to load, both on mobile as well as on computer. Let’s see… first of all I want to say that Google PageSpeed, if we are purist, does not determine the real speed of your page , okay? It is a placebo metric and we talk about it in much more technical depth in this article by my good friend Jaime Sempere: The Big Lie of Google Page Speed .

Google tool that Demystifying Off assigns a score to a domain based

But we have said that we will approach top industry data this post from a very basic angle, therefore it will be useful for a first approximation. The website in the previous example has a very good score on computer (92); However, it only has a 52 on mobile so we would have to check what is happening to solve it. This is very important since more than 60% of users browse the Internet using their mobile phones , and that figure is increasing more and more. To see which URLs are slow on your website, you can go to Google Search Console following the path Experience -> Main web metrics . metricas google search console The report appears divided into Mobile and Computer.

These are metrics from the famous Core Web Vitals

In this example website you can see that Calling List all the URLs are optimized for mobile phones but, on the other hand, they are not optimized for computers, unlike the previous one. To see what is happening I am going to click on “Open report”. url lentas google search console In the “Details” table under the bar graph I can already see the breakdown of the problems that the URLs have. Now I just have to click on each row where it says “Slow” to see which URLs are slow to load. If you look closely, problems appear related to CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) and LCP (Largest Containful Paint). These are metrics from the famous Core Web Vitals, which will be a ranking factor starting next June. Rober Flores wrote a post talking about Core Web Vitals in depth .

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