How to do negative SEO?

How to Demotion in the eyes of search engines using referral traffic and bot attacks Negative ratings and comments Hijack the website Social engineering studies with complaint letters written on complaint sites. Sometimes the cruel systems implemented by such sites Be sure to read! domain authority spam-keyword-attack What are anti seo techniques? Many negative SEO techniques or a single one can be used in an attack. Determining this depends entirely on the quality of the tools you will use and the analysis you make.


Excessive social media

Bookmarking and sharing Iraq WhatsApp Number Data Hacklink buy link Hidden link exits from your site (hacklink exit) Placing unauthorized content on your site High amount of duplicate content on your site Posts from fake social media accounts that may lead to spam Other blackhat (harmful) SEO studies Sitewide backlinks from sites with excessive subpages (sitewide) What are the methods to protect against anti-SEO? It is possible to understand these attacks early by conducting regular analysis and research. Do not create duplicate or similar sites or sub-pages. Do not create pages filled with keywords. Stay on the defensive by creating a Google Alert list Clean backlinks from sites. Keep track of on-site and off-site factors both manually and automatically. You can visit our page

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How to SEO techniques

Naturally, if you are familiar with early warning systems, protection is easily Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List possible. You must be constantly on guard to prevent anti-SEO efforts. Or you should use special tools developed for them. Elimination of situations that will cause repetition with regular content analysis. Removing duplicate titles and contents, sometimes by combining the articles and sometimes by deleting them. Never use black hat. Which are considered risky.  Do not buy links Do not get links by commenting spam. Never use redirects called cloaking. In fact, such negative attacks and studies have existed since the first day of digital marketing history. We can say that the trend has only increased in recent years. Of course, with the rising trend, the techniques used began to differ and become of higher quality.

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