Don’t use a diesel VW today either.

What better framework than World Car Free Day to comment on the current reputation crisis faced by the German automaker Volkswagen , derived from its greenwash * practices regarding its diesel version vehicles; crisis that, among other aspects, has so far represented a drop of up to 30% in its share value. Many times it is these situations that show us the true relevance that social responsibility and sustainability issues have in business. That is why this case should help us understand and demonstrate that these issues must be approached.  At least, with a genuine intention of leading the business to gradual management of continuous improvement with respect to the different impacts that the organization generates. In particular, I am one of those who think that social responsibility should not serve to judge anyone who does it wrong. But rather to recognize those who want to do it well and better.

The current crisis faced

Deserves recognition of the responsibility that must be faced by this company that had been building a position in the growing Buy Argentina Cell Phone Number Database sustainable market base on what we now see as an empty and deceitful strategy that is the fault of some managers. Driven by commercial motivators.  Don’t use has generate what is surely the worst crisis for the company and that ironically fractures the sustainability of the business. This crisis will take a bigger toll than the painful stock market loss recorde so far. It will be difficult to rebuild trust in key interest groups such as consumers. Citizens, rulers, suppliers, opinion leaders, shareholders, investors. Environmental NGOs and what to say about collaborators. Who will surely have many wounds to lick.

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Now, stopping making firewood

it causes me to channel this unfortunate case as one that will bring with it a great learning for the VW brand. Asilent wake-up call for  Armenia Phone Number List other automakers. A slap on the wrist for environmental regulators and above all. an entire more mature responsible market. Let us remember that the meaning of responsibility does not suggest preventing. But rather responding to the impact that operations generate. Don’t use So it is time for Volkswagen to show us its true corporate social responsibility and to respond with character and determination to the expectations of its different groups of stakeholders. interest. Greenwash is understoo as “disinformation disseminate by an organization in order to present an environmentally responsible public image but which is unfoun or intentionally misleading.”

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