Eight tips and benefits of breastfeeding

After nine months of pregnancy it is very common for women to seek to resort to diets to regain their weight and figure, how appropriate is this? Can it affect breast milk production? The practice of losing weight immediately is not highly recommend by experts, since breast milk requires greater energy consumption. Weight loss after childbirth is different for everyone and can take up to a year after birth to return to your original weight. Breastfeeding via shutterstock Breastfeeding via shutterstock The practice of exclusive breastfeeding , a balance diet and regular physical activity help to lose the weight gaine during pregnancy. While a woman breastfeeds, she needs to eat an average of 500 additional calories. Breast milk is the food with the ideal composition to satisfy the nutritional, physiological and immunological needs of the baby during its first months of life.

Beyond the nutritional qualities

There are various benefits for both the mother and the newborn; As part of World Breastfeeding Week, Kellogg shares some of Buy Tunisia Cell Phone Number Database the main advantages. Benefits Human milk has antibodies that help the baby’s body defend itself against respiratory and diarrheal infections. Even if you get sick there will be a faster recovery compare to children who are not breastfe. Drinking milk directly from the breast, instead of from a bottle, promotes the proper development of the baby’s jaw and mouth structure, and contributes to the prevention of cavities, avoiding orthodontic procedures in the future. In the first 6 months, breast milk helps the baby prevent infectious diseases, from 9 to 12 months it allows adequate motor and intellectual development, and from months the risk of developing chronic diseases such as obesity is reduce.Diabetes and adult hypertension.

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Breastfeeding favors the contraction of the uterus

Recovering the figure more quickly, reduces postpartum bleeding and delays menstruation, which can result in significant savings Ecuador Phone Number List in iron and a reduce probability of developing anemia. Women strengthen their bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The risk of suffering from breast cancer, ovarian cancer and diabetes is reduce. The emotional relationship with the baby is strengthene, and he will have the possibility of developing a secure and independent personality. The risk of postpartum depression is reduce. Breastfeeding tips: One way to ensure sufficient fluid intake is to drink a glass of water before and after feeding your baby. The consumption of raw onion, garlic, excessive chocolate, mole and highly seasone foods in general should be avoide, as they tend to cause digestive disorders in the child, such as gas and intestinal colic, or can give the milk an unpleasant taste.

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