Employability and scholarships for young people thanks to volunteering

The Joven, AC program, promoted by the Mexican Youth Institute in collaboration with local state institutes, brought together young people from  last weekend to talk about volunteering. The Mexican Volunteer Alliance presented the topic “The importance of youth participation in volunteering,” as happened in City of Puebla, Puebla and  Veracruz. This group that met at the La Salle University Innovation Park was very particular because when I asked them who had been or was at that time a volunteer, about 40% of the audience raised their hands, which does not happen with frequency. In addition, many of the young people who already participate as volunteers expressed collaborating in one, two or even three social causes. The majority of these volunteers do so under the direction of formal volunteering.

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Sharing with them the topics we included, other young people detected that they have eventually participated as volunteers and have not been recurring. This is due to the problems that very often arise when there is no effective Buy Hong Kong Cell Phone Number Database management of the volunteer resource by the organization that invited them. For example, no one informed them about the achievements or benefits they generated as volunteers for other people. They also did not receive a thank you. We point out that these are two of the main reasons why people do not continue to volunteer. To encourage them to continue volunteering and invite those who have not yet taken the step to become volunteers, I explained some of the benefits that they can obtain as volunteers.

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The age range where the greatest increase in voluntary participation is recorded is people who are between years of age. Leon Joven AC 04 In this way, in addition to the fact that a young person can share their talent and knowledge  Cayman Islands Phone Number List acquired in their university or technical training with other people, the following benefits stand out for them: Access to student scholarships Those who select student candidates to receive support to continue postgraduate studies at a national or foreign university explore the trajectory that each young person has had. They privilege those who have had previous experience in volunteering because it assumes that they have developed social empathy.

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