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Enterprise Custom pricing Lyne skrapp alternative It streamlines the process of generating unique engaging email content enhancing the efficiency of outbound email campaigns. Features AIPowered Personalization Generates unique email intros. Cold Email AI Specialized for highvolume email campaigns. LinkedIn Scraper Extracts leads from LinkedIn. Pricing 2000 credits month 39 5000 credits month 89 20000 credits month 189 Unlimited 497 lyne pricing Lix Lix is a tool for extracting LinkedIn profile data offering a range of features to help users gather and manage contact information efficiently.

Lix skrapp alternative Enterprise Custom pricing

It emphasizes validated email extraction Special Data providing accuracy and effectiveness in lead generation. Features LinkedIn Data Extraction For profiles and contact information. Validated Emails Ensures accuracy in email extraction. Credit Rollover Monthly credits rollover and expire after a year. API Access For programmatically accessing profile data. Pricing Starter 0month 50 credits. Leads Plan Custom pricing email credits vary. Data Plus Plan Custom pricing tailored for data mining. lix pricing Captain Data Captain Data is a data automation platform offering a nocode solution for sales marketing and operations.

Special Data

Captain data skrapp alternative

It specializes in data extraction enrichment and integration with other tools aiming to automate and streamline various business processes. Features Data Extraction and Automation Automates datarelated tasks. Nocode Platform Accessible for users without coding skills. Integration with Various Tools Enhances workflow efficiency. Pricing Telegram Number Trial 0 for 7 days 1000 credits. Scale 999month 50000 creditsmonth. starting at 30kyear 250000 creditsmonth. captain data pricing Texau TexAu is an automation platform that provides tools for social media and web automation helping businesses scale their operations. texau skrapp alternative It features a nocode interface making it accessible for users without technical skills. Features Social Media Automatio.

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