Five CSR Marketing Strategies You Should Use

Sustainability andmarketing is complicated, since to be effective it must balance the work of the CSR team, which is based on rigorous scientific data. With the “sexy” and flashy of conventional marketing. Here are 5 effective strategies to achieve.  This balance that have been used in recent years. Identified by the Sustainable Brand this strategy rarely works when it comes tomarketing. One organization that has done this is Stand for Trees . Which is launching a pioneering campaign that will allow everyone, not just businesses, to buy carbon offsets. Their main marketing tool has had unprecedented success and consists of a video made by Prince Ea. A social media celebrity. The material is called “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” and broke the record for the most viral environmental campaign, achieving more than in itsand offsetting more than 16 thousand tons of carbon dioxide in two days.

Present innovation in a different way

The number of brands promoting social and environmental entrepreneurship through campaigns , contests and other similar methods has grown but remains very small. The goal of these initiatives should be to include the winning  Buy Brazil Mobile Number Database  ideas in the company’s portfolio. Thisnd rewards a large number of innovators while faster than corporate processes would achieve. A prominent example is Unilever and its Foundry IDEAS platform , which acts as a digital space for consumers and entrepreneurs with the with ways to recycle clothing at higher rates. 3. Promote moderate consumption without damaging your profits: The best-known campaign that follows this principle is Patagonia ‘s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” , but it is not the only one that has achieved this balance. Heineken, through its “ value of moderate alcohol consumption . This program is activate in more than 40 markets and 10% of their media budget is dedicate to it.

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Incorporate new data

It is fascinating, but not pleasant, to observe how companies take. A long time to adapt the newest data to their communication. For example, since 2011 Puma published its first environmental balance sheet and results which has proven to  Albania Phone Number List be very valuable for many purposes. Including marketing and public relations. Kering, Puma’s parent company, released its methodology into the public domain for broader adaptation. But so far only a few companies have added EP&L to their arsenal of sustainability tools. 5. Buil a culture that is both successful and sustainable plan is call Plan plan is call Plan A Building an optimal corporate culture is a process that can be long and challenging, so it is not unusual that only a few organizations have managed to integrate sustainability values ​​throughout the structure. What is surprising is that many brands are not even trying.

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