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Go to Pinterest.es and press the register button . B. Click on create a free business account . how to create a business account on pinterest C. Insert your name, email and age. D. Enter the information that Pinterest asks you to enter. set up pinterest company profile E. The more data you cover, the more complete your business account will be. set up. What it login for your business F. Edit all possible fields once inside Pinterest to create an account. edit your company profile on Pinterest create an account.

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Great! You already have your job function email list account created. 2nd OPTION: How to create a linked business account on Pinterest 1- Go to Pinterest log in with your account . 2- In the top menu, click on the date that points downwards and select add account. how to link account on pinterest 3- Click on create a free business account Create a business account on Pinterest with a person 4- On the next screen, at the bottom click on create account for related company. create linked account. What it- Fill in the information requested and click next . 6- Describe your company as accurately as possible.

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Fnally select where you want to start Calling List enjoying the social network. 3rd OPTION: How to create a personal account in a Pinterest business 1- Enter your personal Pinterest profile login. 2- Press the date button down at the top right of the menu and select settings . 3- Then click on account settings. To work on SEO, one of the best tools is Sem Rush. What it see this guide to the platform. healing4) Content curation This part is linked to the previous point. By creating a well-crafted blog you will achieve greater visibility.

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