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Through the laurel branches I saw two nak doves. The one was the other and the two were neither. The premonition in Latin American poetry does not surprise me . Lorca. in this poem of indescribable beauty. announc to us what would happen to his body (“where is my grave?”) after that fateful night in Granada one day in August 1936 when he was violently detain along with others by a group of Francoists who shot him in an unknown place on the road that connects the towns of Alfacar and Viznar. possibly in the Peñón del Colorado. His body was never exhum or found. The Cuelgamuros crypt is still waiting for you . Where is his grave? We ask ourselves. as he ask himself in the poem we just present. García Lorca.

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Heraud. Vallejo or premonitory poetry In Peruvian poetry. and also as a result of the documentary that is already being shown successfully in several movie theaters in Lima. Javier’s Journey. bas on the life of the poet Javier Heraud . we also find verses with a very premonitory nature: I never laugh at death. It just business database happens that I’m not afraid of dying among birds and trees From The Journey In another poem. Heraud says: It is an idle job to kill flies daily. because you. miss fly. don’t scare the cows or the dogs. I just hope I don’t fe it and don’t see it in my gut. the day they kill me in the field and leave my body in the sun.

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The cause of his death: a gunshot to the chest. They took him out to the bank. laid him out under the sun until the judge arriv. and his wound serv as food for the flies and they remain in his gut in a few minutes. Javier. 21 years old. di among birds and trees . from something that he confess that he would not Calling List be afraid of happening. Not only. But it happen almost exactly. Not only These verses even belong to his first collection of poems publish in 1960 when he was still a teenager ironically titl The River. Not only How the accidental reading of a phrase in a subway station l to the revision of the ideas of the forceful philosopher of pessimism.

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