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Blog posts. Just type “blog” into the search tool above the first column to view just your content marketing URLs. It’s very convenient and one of several reasons to keep your blog in its own directory. This report is showing all traffic to your blog post from any visit from search whether it was the first page they visit or the tenth. But we really want to know the performance of these URLs when they were the landing page as in the first page of the session. So the final step is to click on the little dropdown under “Event count” and select


This event is trigger when the session begins. So adding it here b2b leads turns this report into a landing page report. ga4 report showing a list blog posts URLs Now you’re looking at a list of all of your top performing articles from search. This is an SEO report and these are your winners. Next steps/Action items: Many of these will have 10x the visibility of your other pages. So there’s a lot we can learn from them. Make more of them

What do these

Articles have in common? Are they more detail? Focus on a more specific topic? Are they link to a lot from other articles? Analyze then emulate. Add CTAs to them These have high-levels of durable visibility (your best cheese). Add internal links and calls to  Calling List Uk action from these articles to your highest converting articles (your best mousetraps). Exclude them from other reports Some of these outliers produce such huge results they create noise in other reports. If they’re irritating don’t delete them. That would have a cost with no

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