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keyphrases for which that URL ranks. Sort by “Position” and scroll down past the top rankings search console queries report Next steps/Action items: Knowing keyphrase performance is part of a content marketing audit but it’s also useful for finding semantically relat phrases. Then you can make SEO-focus its to those almost-high-ranking articles. Improving the relevance for the top queries by updating an article adding these specific phrases. Confirm that the top performing phrase is in fact the primary target keyphrase

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If not consider refocusing the article on that top performing phrase and include it in the title tag and <h1> header. The outcome of these actions isn’t just higher rankings business database for top phrases. It’s also about ranking for an even greater number of phrases. This is the point of semantic SEO. 5. SEO: Which pages other websites but don’t rank for much of anything. These are pages with high authority but low relevance. These are the

Two main search

Ranking factors: authority (links from other websites) and relevance (content and keywords). two main ranking factors are authority and relevance A URL with authority but low relevance  Calling List Uk has good ranking potential. It’s like a sports car park in the driveway waiting to be taken out on the open road. All it nes is better keyword focus. To find which of your URLs has strong ranking potential we’ll use Google Search Console. It will show you the number of websites (quantity) that have link to any of your articles. Really the

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