How to Send the Right Message with Your Email Newsletter Design

Any designer worth their salt will tell you good design is invisible, but that doesn’t mean it’s effortless. Your messaging depends on design to be effective. A is not just attractive; it markedly complements the words you’ve written. are a great tool for most marketers; unless you have hours to spend on design and layout, we recommend using one rather How to Send than starting from Phone Number Data scratch. Drag-and-drop email builders allow you to customize any template to make it yours. In fact, making the changes is often easier than making them look good. Here’s how to turn a basic template into a customized email your readers will love to receive.

Choose an email newsletter template that fits your content

Have an outline or even your final piece of content ready to go before you search for a template. Otherwise, you may make it through the customization process only to find your template isn’t a good fit. Even aren’t interchangeable.

Your template must-haves will be dictated by the type of email you’re sending. Are you sharing a round-up of popular links? Look for a design with multiple sections and separators. Do you write thought leadership essays? You need a template with a minimalist, text-forward layout.

Make it yours by incorporating your branding

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A reader should know who an email is from within seconds of opening it.  makes your identity clear from the start.

There’s no excuse for sending out an email campaign without your logo or wordmark. Most templates have a section for this at the top; if yours doesn’t, add one. It’s also a good practice to put your logo or wordmark in the email footer.

Your template should also incorporate your brand’s color scheme. Don’t go overboard — there’s no need to include an entire color palette or coordinate every element. When changing text and background colors,  by keeping font sizes large and using high-contrast color combos.

Good email newsletter design speaks for itself

Your messaging is only as strong as its weakest element, and design is one of these elements. Colors can influence mood, and fonts can indicate Calling List trustworthiness as effectively as any words. The combination of your choices How to Send can make your email look professional and engaging or sloppy and worth nothing more than an unsubscribe.

Design deserves just as much time and focus as content. Those of us who aren’t trained in it may have to work a bit harder to get the desired effect. The lessons of those who have come before us (and the newsletter design tips in this post) can guide you toward a design that’s as powerful as your content.

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