I would like to ask you a very curious question for SEO

I would like to ask you a very curious question for SEO. For example, we have an e-commerce site that publishes in different languages. For each language, would it be more logical to use it as a folder or page or as a subdomain? What method should I follow for the English, German and Arabic departments? My question is not only for the language, but for example, whether a company selling textile products should do it as icgiyim.domain.com, cocukgiyim.domain.com or domain.com/cocukgiyim, domain.com/ic-giyim, which would be more successful in terms of SEO.

Below are all the details of my question

First of all, let’s briefly explain what the concepts of sub domain and sub folder are. Sub domain: Creating a domain name under the domain as subdomain. Subfolder: Creating a directory under the domain in the UK WhatsApp Number Data form of domain./folder. Should subdomain or subfolder be preferred? Therefore, the answer to this question depends entirely on your purpose, industry and SEO strategy. In this sense, I would like to list some tips that will guide you. ┬áHis articles have been published in many local and foreign magazines and newspapers.

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Subdomain is a completely new domain

It does not benefit from the authority of the main site. It is necessary to do SEO work from scratch. However, the folder benefits from the authority of the parent site. If a good SEO strategy is followed, a certain authority can be gained to the subdomain. Our recommendation is to use a Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List subdomain when doing a completely different job in a domain. In other cases, we recommend using folders. If you have found a niche word from a relevant and similar content topic that will provide a lot of visitors. Therefore, then we can recommend it in the subdomain. He is married and has two children. He is someone who has been in the world of Digital Marketing and Internet since 1999.

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