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In all these Profile experience section example A few tips for shining here include Be detail Describe in detail what the business does and what your roles and responsibilities are were. Make it interesting Use exciting and actionbas language to make it an interesting read. Dont be robotic and bland. People love achievements. Show extraordinary results and how you were involv like in this example achivements in experience section.

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Ection is where you detail your value Special Data proposition. And because only the first sentence appears in your profile summary use this to engage readers and elicit them to click on See More. extraordinary results in experience section example I use my story of being a person team that grew a SaaS business from to M ARR to hook readers. This hook has result in a boost in profile clicks. Once people click See More you get plenty of space to develop your value proposition. To do that Stay focus on your call to action Use storytelling to keep your audiences attention Keep it brief but punchy Spice things up with emojis linkin about section example Even though links arent clickable here I suggest you still add them.

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Can copy and paste the links Calling List into their browsers. This will help you take your LinkIn networking beyond the limits of LinkIn. . Arrange your profile information in order of importance The beauty of LinkIn is that it gives you the flexibility to arrange your profile information in the order you want. Leverage this to arrange information in order of importance. This way you hook readers immiately. Remember LinkIns profile sections include among others Intro About Experience ucation Skills Recommendations  sections frontload the information thats.

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