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This can get tricky if brokers use individual accounts for business purposes. Sure, you have archiving set up on your corporate channels. But do you have an archive of communications through these individual accounts? Keep in mind that the archiving requirements extend beyond direct messaging. They also apply to public comments on your social channels.
A registered principal must review firm social media accounts before use. This includes accounts managed by individual representatives and brokers. All static content on social channels must be approved by a registered principal before posting. Interactive content must be monitored for compliance.
What’s the difference between static and interactive communications? Static content stays online for the long term. Interactive communication happens in real time.

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For example, a social post is static, but responding to comments on that post is interactive. More suitability rules apply to interactive communication that recommends specific products. A registered principal must approve the recommendation in advance. The recommendation must conform to an approved template. You must keep records of these approvals.  You need to track comments b2b leads on your social channels. Look for complaints, instructions, or any other communications that need review. These comments are subject to the same timeframe requirements as any other communications.
You don’t need to do anything about comments with positive feedback about your firm. That is, unless you like or reply to them or share them.

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In that case, you have “adopted” the comments. So, you need to provide testimonial disclosures. You can do so through a clearly labeled link.
Curated content is a great way to round out your social media content calendar. But Calling List Uk you need to be careful about what you share. Consider finra regulatory notice 11-39. It prohibits firms from linking to sites that contain “false or misleading content.”
“by sharing or linking to specific content, the firm has adopted the content and would be responsible for ensuring that, when read in context with the statements in the originating post, the content complies with the same standards as communications created by, or on behalf of, the firm.”

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