Instagram Stories, how and why to use them in marketing

Instagram stories, how and why to use them in marketing how instagram stories work. The latest news and tips on how to create and use them in the business content marketing strategy. Admit it. You have only a vague idea of what they are and how instagram stories work. You feel them name often and you know someone who uses them. Maybe sometimes you tri it too, but you don’t understand.  Why you should share something that disappears after 24 hours. In fact, you also have an instagram profile.  Sometimes you publish some photos, but you do not feel prepar on the subject. 

Instagram Stories: benefits for businesses

Would you like to know more?  Special Data We’re happy with you right now. Instagram logo instagram is one of the most popular social networks.  To date it boasts 700 million active users. This makes it very interesting in the eyes of those who do marketing in companies.  And even more interesting from when – in august 2016 – instagram stories . Were launch on the platform, creat in the image and likeness of snapchat stories. These are customizable pills of content – images or videos.  With very short texts – expiring, I.E. Visible within 24 hours of publication. Instagram said that every day about half of its users use stories.  And that among them there are over 5 million companies (february-april 2017).  

Instagram Stories: How do they work?

Let’s try to understand together why. Calling Lists Download the instagram guide imageimage instagram storie.  Benefits for businesses why do companies that are on instagram.  Use or should use instagram stories more? For these main reasons: shorten distances with your audience/customers with informal messages.  Give free rein to your creativity with ready-to-use emoticons . And stickers communicate in a smart and fast way.  Without neing particular skills show reality as it is, without tricks or deception.   In real time or almost exploring storytelling storytellingby.  Telling snippets of stories in rapid succession . Try to reach more and more customers using “smart” registrations and get notic several.  Times during the day taking advantage of the position in evidence .  Rirect followers to other pages to finalize purchases or other promote. 

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