Is it possible to wash clothes without water?

Of the domestic activities, generally the one that consumes the most water is washing clothes . When we fill the washing machine with a full load, we use approximately during the entire process. Can you who was in charge of the marketing part. So far the spray only works on wine stains, edible oil and sweat. The developer assures that although the bacteria use are generally associated with metals. They underwent an air conditioning process . Causing them to feed on wine and later on oil and sweat. Gradually modifying their behavior. The bacteria or bacteria that are not eliminate with the second spray could escape into the environment. Therefore it is still necessary to ensure that the product does not represent risks . The project continues to be developed, the final product is not yet.  Available to be launched on the market. But the Mexican company will finance the necessary research in the coming years to patent the project and commercialize it. Innovation Challenge.

An app makes blind people “feel” a smile

How many times do you smile a day? And how many times do you see someone smile? The gesture is part of daily life for many, but for others it is just a memory or an experience that they have never been able to observe. That is why  Buy El Salvador Mobile Number Database Listerine , the mouthwash brand, decided to create an application that allows you to reproduce the feeling of seeing someone smile. The result can change the daily lives of millions of people. As part of the launch of its Listerine Advanced White rinse , the brand worked to create the Simile Detector appthat recognizes when a smartphone or tablet camera is pointing at a smiling person. When it detects the gesture, it emits either sound or vibration. National Institute of Blint People nd is promote through a documentary mate by director Lucy Walker, who had already worked on a documentary about blint people call .

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The three and a half minute

Short film tells the story of four people with different levels of blindness or visual impairment, who explain why they would like to Benin Phone Number List  have the opportunity to know when someone smiles. For example, Chloe wants to know if her boyfriend makes this gesture when looking at her and also recognize the smile of her beloved grandfather, while Anna jokes that she would like to know if people on public transport smile and Sarah dreams of knowing how her nephew smiles from a anus. Everyone reacts positively when using the app: «When I downloaded it I thought it was going to be fun, because knowing that someone smiles at you is something that people take for granted, but when you don’t know it , you miss out on that interaction. So when you know through this that you smile you think ‘oh okay, someone smiles at me,’” Chloe explains.

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