Is it the responsibility of the State or the social problems?

Frequently many people, motivated by different and varied approaches, point out that philanthropic organizations and private foundations replace or substitute the State, by providing various services that free it from its social responsibilities, so the community benefit is questionable because those who stop The main winners are those who can divert public resources for private purposes, preventing taxes from reaching those who need them most as investments.  Is it the responsibility those who are dissatisfie reinforce their opinion when alliances are announce. Such as the one that was recently mate public between the government of Oaxaca and World Child Cancer (from Great Britain and the United States), which aims to unite efforts to prevent and treat childhood cancer. Some of the perceptions that arise have to do with what the government does and why the economic resources allocate. By the federation are not enough and they have to receive support from philanthropy.

From the Board of Directors

In Chihuahua they will celebrate this week the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Center for Strengthening Civil Society Organizations, an initiative of the Chihuahua Business Foundation. Said the President of the Board of Directors. This Buy Paraguay Mobile Number Database has been an important investment whose results are seen in the performance of the organizations that have receive the Center’s services. He recalled that at the same time that the Chihuahua Center was inaugurate. The one in which today is call was also opene. In the latter case,  Is it the responsibility his services are being replicated in other states of the country. For example in the Yucatan Peninsula where the diploma .“The Sustainability of Social Organizations” was taught and it is expecte that it will soon be offere in the Federal District. They are also developing the diploma course “Social impact: present and future of social projects” taught by Dr.

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The inability shown to recover

The control held by the teachers of section 22 of the National Coordinator of Education Workers earned him well-founded criticism. During the 4 years of his administration that have passed and his inaction. They rather presented  Buy Belize Phone Number him as disinterested in solving said problem. It was not until the federal government developed a strategy . Regarding the field of health, the public services of this administration are not doing well. The reader will remember that two women came to clinics to attend their birth and were not attende to. Giving birth to their children. One outside the medical facilities and another in the hospital bathroom. The most recent case of medical irresponsibility was the one that occurre at the doors of the General Hospital of San a joke.

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