It takes balls to save a lake

What do you do when one of your main water sources is running out? In extreme situations, extreme measures; You won’t believe the ingenious solution from the city of Los Angeles, California to reverse this problem.  After that, it takes  are require to conserve water.    And it was precisely the measure that the government took to prevent the evaporation of one of the city’s main drinking water reservoirs . It  Shadow balls via Los Angeles has been going through one of the worst droughts in the history of the region for four years. Hence the importance of taking care of every last drop and not allowing it to evaporate. It takes That’s why 96 million balls, call “shadow  thrown into the water to cover the surface of the Van Norman Reservoir.

The balls have a diameter

Covering 70 hectares of the reservoir together, and are made of high-density polystyrene, a material authorize to be in  Buy Bahamas Mobile Number Database contact with drinking water without causing any risk to the consumer’s health. since it does not release polluting chemical substances. Shadow Balls via news.discovery. After that, it takes balls shadow via The objective of the shadow balls is to create a penumbra on the surface. Preventing the evaporation of approximately 300 million gallons of water per year, an amount equivalent to the basic consumption of  thousand people per year. In addition, the balls are intend to stop a chemical reaction cause by the sun, known to create a carcinogenic compound call bromate, It takes balls achieving greater purity and quality of the water.

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There is controversy regarding the initiative

Since different experts differ on the effectiveness of the color of the balls; Some say they should be white or chrome. Nathan Krekula, professor  Canada Phone Number List of health sciences at Bryant & Stratton College in Milwaukee, said that shade balls are a terrible idea, since they absorb heat and transfer it to the water, causing.  It takes  evaporation; In addition. Heat harbors bacteria. After that, it takes balls the truth is that it is a very extreme and unusual measure, but necessary in the face of the contingency , in which the government decide to sacrifice the view and landscape of a natural ecosystem, for a huge black spot that is expecte to save millions of liters.

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