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The power To ensure the stability and life of the power supply, do not use the maximum rat power of the power supply. lighten the load on your power supply to improve its performance and extend its life. These are the key points to understand when selecting and installing your power supply correctly. Choosing the right power supply and installing it correctly will ensure your lighting system is stable and efficient with high-impact lighting effects. If you require further assistance or advice please feel free to contact our professional team and we will be happy to assist you. Unreasonable use will cause the light bar to generate too much heat, affecting its lifespan and performance.

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I will share the heat dissipation mechanism of the light strip and how to effectively dissipate heat to make the light strip glow for a long time. Hidden elements explain the heat dissipation mechanism of light strips. Effectively Benin WhatsApp Number List dissipate heat. Choose a suitable radiator to keep ventilation smooth. Avoid excessive stacking. Clean regularly. Control working temperature. Frequently Ask Questions. The heat dissipation mechanism of light strips explains in detail the heating of lamp beads. First, let’s take a look at the inside of the light strip. working principle. Light strips are made up of many small lamp beads that emit light by passing electric current through them.

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Process of current passing that the lamp beads generate heat. In fact, when the lamp beads are working, electrons and holes will recombine and release energy, part of which is emitt in the form of heat. The important role Belgium Phone Number List of the substrate is to make the light strip work stably. The lamp beads are usually install on the print circuit board substrate. The substrate not only provides electrical connections but also plays a key role in heat transfer. When heat is generat, the substrate quickly absorbs

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