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There are thousands of tools for Facebook, but do you know which are the main Facebook tools for businesses that every Community Manager should know? What tools for the Facebook user are the most recommended? In this article, I mention those that I use the most on a daily basis and that I have seen that many other Community Managers always mention them, so that you have an idea of ​​which ones you should control to use effectively with clients and in companies. Facebook has become a very powerful marketing tool for companies, brands and people, but to achieve a good strategy on this social network it is necessary to have good communication and management of Facebook.

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It is so important to know how to choose, among the many tools. Available, those that best adapt to the type of project being developed in. Order to achieve the executive email list proposed objectives. But the truth is, selecting just a few is not an easy task since. Many have similar functionalities and that is why they make us hesitate when choosing one or the other. From my experience, I think that you should choose the ones you need for each moment and focus on 6-10, depending on your objectives. So I recommend these 12 tools on Facebook with which you can know FanPage statistics, schedule posts, analyze results, create contests, monitor competition , etc.

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That Facebook tools are not in order of importance. Any of them may be the most useful for you, depending on the needs of your client or company. The Calling List truth is that the advantages can be very similar among. The thousands of tools for Facebook that exist, but if we know how to choose those. That are essential and that really work well, they give us benefits such as. They allow us to optimize our work time; They save search time on other platforms. They give us faster interaction with users; They allow us to better segment. Our publications by objectives; They enable a more in-depth and. Effective analysis of the results; They allow us to create more effective. And real reports; They give greater reliability of results.

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