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Down. a matrix Source: Content Performance Matrix Now let’s analyze our content and its performance in the three main promotion channels search social and email. 2. SEO: Which content is attracting visitors from search engines? Some pages have durable visibility. People search the page ranks people click and the page gets a steady stream of traffic. This traffic is often stable for months and years. Content marketers like SEOs should have these on their radar. The good news is that your top performers are easy to find. Here’s

How to use

GA4 to find your top pages for organic search performance: Go to Reports > Engagement > Pages and screens: Page title and screen class. We’re looking for content b2b email list so we’ll start here. Above the first column in the data table there’s a drop down for setting the primary dimension. It has only a few options. Use “Page path and screen class” which is basically the URL. ga4 report showing filter for organic traffic Next we’ll add

A filter so

We’re just looking at Organic traffic. Click “Add filter” above the line chart. The “Build filter” options will slide out from the right. Just like filters in Universal Analytics the GA4 filters allow you to include or exclude any  Calling List Uk value from any dimension.Here we want to include the “Session mium” dimension. The value we want to include will appear in the dropdown of dimension values below. Check the box for “organic” and click ok. Click “Apply” in the bottom right corner to apply the filter to your report. ga4 report showing mium organic If your blog content is all within a directory (such as it’s easy to filter this report to show only

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