What is Negative SEO?

If you regularly lose rankings on Google, cannot move up at all, or experience loss of traffic, this may be due to anti-SEO activities. Generally, people call such studies as antiseo studies if they are negative. Such unethical activities can sometimes be carried out unintentionally by you personally or sometimes by malicious rival site owners. You may be doing this work on your own site with incorrectly applied blackhat work. What is Negative SEO? These are negative SEO studies done on your site, sometimes by rival companies and sometimes by completely unrelated people. However, it should not be forgotten that sometimes you may be doing antiseo work on yourself because of the wrong work you do. Negative SEO is any malicious attempt against your site to harm your rankings.


What is a front blog (PBN)

We can explain it as the Iran WhatsApp Number Data logic of establishing a site network and linking to the main site from the sites in that network in order to strengthen the authority of a website. In general, it is an unnatural SEO method. However, if you enter natural content into each PBN site and refer to each other correctly, it may look natural. Is PBN (Paravan blog) harmful? It is not a natural way of working. When Google decodes your Front Blog, it is highly likely that you will be penalized algorithmically or manually. How to do negative SEO? Finally, the hacking status of your site can also be evaluated in this category.

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Warez themes

Plugins used for WordPress sites Bolivia Phone Number List may cause your site to be hijacked or unauthorized links to appear. In special software, your sites can be hacked and link insertion or hacklink insertion can be done using methods such as SQL injection. Negative SEO also known as antiseo ; These are studies that may cause a problem such as loss of rank by rival companies or analysts to a site that has a good ranking in the sector. Many techniques are used when applying this method. Problems related to the content are created to punish the panda. Therefore, and problems related to backlinks are punished as a result of the penguin algorithm. Reasons may include economic and personal relationships. A former employee may. Therefore, even have feelings of revenge.




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