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I am someone who pays great attention to on-site SEO on my website. Despite all this, when I entered the international targeting section in Google Webmaster tools (Search Console), I received an error stating that there is no hreflang tag on your site . Can you give information about the reason and solution for this? ? What does this hreflang mean? Can I get information about it? If I don’t solve this problem, will my SEO success be disrupted? In summary, what I want to do is to add English, Arabic and French languages ​​to my site. How do we fix this problem for HTML and WordPress. In conclusion, Thank you very much in advance for your solutions to add language options to my website.

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Let’s answer your questions about the incorrect use of the hreflang tag for multilingual Qatar WhatsApp Number Data sites and its solutions, in order. What is Hreflang? With this tag, it aims to display the correct language based on location, especially on multilingual sites. In conclusion, This results in your English content being shown in the UK, for example. Your content will be displayed in German in Germany, in Arabic in Arab countries, in Russian in Russia, and in Chinese in China. Search engines detect your language structure by looking at this tag. It is an important meta tag for sites that use multiple languages.

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Your errors in the incorrect sections in Google Webmaster Poland WhatsApp Number List Tools > Search Traffic > International targeting.  You can detect error-containing hreflang tags from Search Console. How to fix no hreflang return tag warning? In conclusion, On multilingual sites, you may receive such a warning from Search Console when there is no transition from the languages ​​active on the site to other languages. For more detailed information about the return label. If you have a multilingual site and hreflang tags do not help search engines. You will receive a warning that there is no hreflang tag on your site. The solution would be to simply add this tag. You can easily detect the mistakes you make with tools that detect them. To count these tools;

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