Process Choosing the Right Location

The can be use as primary lighting while wall sconces or ceiling lights can be use as supplementary light sources to provide additional lighting options. The most important thing is to make sure the lighting covers your entire wardrobe so you can clearly see each item of clothing. Installation and Layout Tips To ensure that your wardrobe lighting is evenly distribute and meets individual needs, here are some important installation and layout tips. Installation  Carefully choose the right location before installing your light source. To do this you will need to measure the size and shape of your cabinets to determine the best lighting point.

Typically mounting the light

Usually light strips can be installe on the top edge or side walls of the cabinet while sensor lights can be installe on the top or side walls of the cabinet. Proper Mounting Height If you choose to install ceiling or wall Canada Phone Number List lights make sure they are mounte high enough to avoid hitting your head.  about centimeters from the floor is a good starting point but the exact height will depend on the height of the cabinets and your height. Safety is a top priority No matter which light source you choose, safety is a top priority. Make sure light source cables and power supplies are securely mounte and hidden in a protecte location to avoid tripping or other hazards.

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Arrangement Tips Evenly Distribute

To ensure even distribution of lighting strip lights are an excellent choice. They can be installe along the top edge or side walls of the wardrobe to ensure lighting of the entire interior. If you use multiple Belgium Phone Number light sources make sure they cover the entire cabinet to avoid shadows in the corners. Accent Lighting in Specific Areas If you want to highlight a specific area of ​​clothing such as a shoe rack or tie rack consider adding brighter lighting. Install additional light fixtures.

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