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The Universal light strips typically require a power converter to convert AC to DC in order to operate properly. Direct connection to AC power may cause flickering or damage. Question: Are high-voltage light strips suitable for all situations? Answer: High-voltage light strips can be directly connect to the AC power supply, but the quality of the power supply must be stable. In some cases using a universal light strip plus a power converter may be more reliable. Questions What are the common light strip power supply problems? Answers The most common light strip power supply problems include unstable voltage, too high or too low current, and power converter failure.

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Result in uneven flash lighting or shorten strip life. There is no absolute answer when it comes to choosing AC or DC power when it comes to powering light strips. This depends on Jordan WhatsApp Number List your specific nes and installation environment. Universal light strips usually require a power converter. High-voltage light strips, on the other hand, can be connect directly to AC power. Consider safety, energy efficiency and power quality before making your decision. No matter which type of light strip you choose, make sure it is of reliable quality. is an option worth considering. They offer high-quality lamps with a 1-year warranty.   the world, they are Europe’s most affordable lighting brand.

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Life Brighter and More Energy Efficient When using light strips it is important to make inform choices on a case-by-case basis to ensure that your lighting nes are China Phone Number List met and provide you with the best experience. So does the light strip use AC power or DC power? The final answer is in your hands, so please make the appropriate choice. Author’s avatar. With the popularity of lighting, many users will wonder whether the light can really stay on for hours. This will shorten the service life and Increas energy consumption Today.

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