Social Content Must Be Balanced and Complete

Retrievable and supervised. The sanctions guidelines also identify “adequate training and educational initiatives” as a principal consideration when determining how to deal with a violation. Regular training on finra social media compliance and the latest developments on social media for financial services helps protect your brand.
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Inappropriate access to your social accounts opens your firm up to many finra social media violations. Those might include lack of supervision, misleading statements, or customer data breaches. There’s a lot at stake within each social account.

Train Your Team

It’s not a best practice for team members to log into social platforms directly. Instead, use a social media management tool like hootsuite to manage access and permissions within your accounts. This gives each team member the appropriate level of access for their role. It also allows you to set up an approval workflow. This ensures all business database social posts can get principal review before posting.
Social media guidelines are an important document for any brand. For financial services brands, they’re critical. As for all brands, your social media guidelines should include.
Disclosure and transparency requirements; privacy rules; cyber safety guidelines.

Understand the Regulations

Guidelines on harassment and inclusivity; and copyright and trademark guidelines. Firms subject to finra regulations need to take things a step further. Add specific procedures for supervision, approval, and archiving.
Having a finra social media policy in place is a principal consideration in the sanctions guidelines. Bonus: download a free bundle of social media tools designed specifically for financial services — including post ideas and templates for social media policies, strategies, and reports.
Once your content is approved, add it to a content library. This gives your team a growing catalog of  Calling List Uk resources to use without the extensive approval requirements for new content. For example, the suitability rules say firms should:
“prohibit interactive electronic communications that recommend specific products unless. A registered principal has previously approved the content, or the recommendation conforms to a previously approved template.

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