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Award for : design animation 11. Blue planet ii blueplanet2live great newsletter examples – blue planet ii screenshot of mailjet it.S not often that an email or website makes you want to scroll… And scroll and scroll. Sure. You do it quite often. Because it.S the only way to get where you.Re going. But you probably don.T enjoy the process. Enter blue planet ii. The second ition of the bbc.S hugely popular ocean documentary. Which uses visuals and clever design Spread your knowledge to immerse subscribers in the blue depths of the ocean.

While queuing for coffee.

This is one where you definitely want to scroll to Africa Email List the end. Award for : immersive scrolling 12. Lumi lumi examples of newsletters-lumi screenshot by brafton the world is increasingly mobile (55% of emails are open on mobile). So why do companies continue to design the first desktop newsletters? Depending on your audience. There.S a good chance they.Re reading on their phone. On their morning commute. While queuing for coffee. Or doing any other of the myriad morning activities during which they have a phone in their hand.

Which is a play on words.

africa email list

Kudos to the lumi newsletter. Which is not only design for mobile. But also optimiz for mobile. Award for : mobile-first design 13. Moo moo mooo  Calling List  newsletter examples screenshot by brafton moo is a company that.S all about intelligent. Outside-the-box design (often. Literally). So it stands to reason that their newsletter is equally comprehensive. Their moos letter . Which is a play on words. Has a good balance of cat photos and illustrative gifs. Which often highlight the company.S personality and product.

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