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By prioritizing compassion, patience, and availability , employers can. Stay Informed improve worker retention rates and lay. The foundation for a more positive work. Environment,” she adds. 2. Psychological safety Generation Z believes that their bosses can help improve. Their mental health by providing them with a certain degree of psychological safety and allowing them. To make mistakes and take risks. This example from Kantar Media’s TGI (Target Group Index) and its report ” Beyond Stereotypes ” confirms how segmenting. By demographic criteria alone can limit the effectiveness of the campaign. 

Improvements to address Stay Informed their employees

Centennials have contributed to the normalization industry email list of mental health problems and expect leaders to implement the necessary improvements to address their employees’ concerns in this regard . According to the Deloitte Digital report, younger people are guided above all and above all by action in work environments.  It’s the easy part: ask yourself about the target of a campaign and limit it to age. An online beauty campaign that focuses on following stereotypes such as targeting a young and female profile can leave out two-thirds of potential buyers.

Delegation of tasks Stay Informed Only one in 10 bosses

And in this sense, they prefer that their bosses encourage them Calling List to act and that the questions arising from their actions occur, if necessary, a posteriori. 60% of centennials like to have some level of autonomy at work and actually yearn for more. 3. Delegation of tasks Only one in 10 bosses admits that delegating tasks is a priority for Generation Z employees. To elaborate on the example, although young women tend to buy more cosmetics, there are other attitudinal and behavioral characteristics that transcend demographics and actually have a greater affinity with the target audience. 

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