such as fonts or colors, and incorporating new techniques

provide them with information.  such as fonts For example, one of the most used for a long time is the color change of a link when a user places the mouse cursor over it. For this new year, microinteractions will become a very characteristic element of websites , such as zooming on elements.  liding up to update, giving a like or gradients that evolve with the scroll.  Since this helps us collect more information on customer interactions and ensure better engagement. VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY These technologies have changed the way users

Many companies use it to help customers make

interact with digital products. Many companies use it to help customers make decisions, since the customer can enter and navigate a website as if they were seeing the product they want to buy in 3D. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: HOW TO DESIGN A USER INTERFACE Once the web design  b2b leads trends that will be most used in 2023 are known.  It is necessary to know that before applying them to any website.  It is necessary to be clear about some basic questions such as: What do I want to convey to my users when they enter my website? Who is my target

What are my company values

b2b leads

audience? What are my company values? Knowing the answ Calling List  ers to these questions will help you understand the type of website any business needs. If you are interested in the digital marketing sector and how to apply various techniques within web design. Do not hesitate to find out   about the Official Online Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management at the UEMC School of Business and Management . This is a training with which the student will learn everything necessary about web

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