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To code testing, there are white-box and black-box approaches to security testing. The white-box approach assumes that the tester has access. To the code being tested so that he can analyze the code. Meanwhile, the black-box approach tests the system from the outside without knowing the code of the system under test. Each of the above two methods has its own excitement and challenges. This excitement isn’t just for bug hunters, hackers, and their friends. Of course, developers are feeling this excitement too. White box security testing In this test model, you have access to the code of the system under test. There are several ways to conduct white-box security testing. For example, you can do static code analysis, which is using a tool to analyze your code and tell it what vulnerabilities it can detect. An example of a tool that can be used is segrep.

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For example, to test whether the authentication process of a certain Web is secure, you can test it in the following ways: Log in with a specific user Copy cookies-nya Sign out Then make a new request on the non-public page using the cookie obtained in step 2 above If the application is vulnerable, you can open a private page on behalf of the ws data user in step 1 above. You can perform this test without reading the code that implements the authentication process. Continuously build system security testing capabilities For developers, a deeper understanding of security can enhance their role and impact. He can minimize security vulnerabilities in the code he writes. In addition to this, it helps other developers use secure APIs. If this persistent threat modeling

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Examples such as Validate and limit the size of input received, Input validation clean (purify) output, ETC. You can check out Autodesk’s various listings via this link . Continuous Threat Modeling Example in Decoding Dicoding adopts this approach in its application development activities. The built security checklist is adapted to the architecture, components, and¬†Calling List¬†processes present in the Dicoding system. This is because each component has its own role. For example, in order to ensure that user content is displayed safely, the data cleaning process is only performed in the view component and does not need to be performed in other components.

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