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The distances are visible in the contempt and mockery with which the lover of Gonzalo’s sister. a fascist. violent and cowardly barbarian. treats Pro. or in the poisonous quarrels that continue to arise at school. and that leave bruises. bodies and spirits. After a brief spring in which discrimination has subsid and tolerance and sincere affection seem to have been establish. the crisis soon breaks out in the group. restoring the places that the social pyramid establishes. The breakup between the friends occurs when Gonzalo’s feeling of discrimination emerges: when he. at the top of his voice. yells at his friends “broken shit” when he sees that they are taking his bicycle.

Flesh as a Cipher of the

A joke that perhaps reflects resentment. hidden during this innocent parody of equality. in the face of the social condition of someone who is consider a privileg and distant being. has as a response the derogatory and hurtful insult launch by someone who considers. deep down. of the matter. that the humble are not equal to him. Hostility surfaces on both sides. The tension had b2b leads only been attenuat. apparently overcome. The insidious question resonates: “When has a white man been a friend of an Indian?” Machuca: if all men could be brothers Out there. the barbarism unleash by the coup d’état runs parallel to the collapse of the social experiment launch by Father McEnroe.

Inanity of Existence the

The school. a reflection on the scale of society. sees. like it. its temporary and artificial egalitarian ground destroy. The perhaps clumsy management of the American priest. who has not known how to keep the pigs donat by Calling List a parent to the school farm healthy. and the implacable censure that a good part of the parents direct against him for having tri to create an environment of integration in the classrooms. is the counterpart to the ruin of a regime that has not been able to lead the country on the path of economic success. Once the military coup occurs. social distances are once again impos openly.

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