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The home decoration projects but also for commercial and outdoor applications.   aluminum profiles are detail below. Aluminum profile light bar protection The role of the aluminum profile as a housing is very important in protecting the light bar from general wear and tear and physical damage. Whether at home or in a commercial environment, the light strip will be subject to impact, scratches or other damage. The aluminum profile provides strong external protection to ensure that the light strip works for a long time without the ne for frequent replacement. Thermal Performance Aluminum profiles have excellent thermal conductivity and can be us as a radiator to effectively dissipate the heat generat by the light strip.

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Certain amount of heat when working. If it cannot be effectively dissipat, it will cause the light strip to overheat and shorten its service life. By mounting the light strip in an aluminum profile. Heat can be quickly dissipat ensuring Philippines Phone Number List stable performance and longer life. Waterproof and Moisture-Resistant While the light strip itself is not completely waterproof the design of the aluminum profile helps prevent moisture. Water intrusion especially when install outdoors. The use of silicone to seal the aluminum profile’s seams increases its water resistance while the aluminum profile’s anodiz coating provides additional protection and ensures it will not be damag when us in wet environments.

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Bianco white aluminum profiles

Available finishes Aluminum profiles are often available in a variety of colors to suit different project nes and decorating styles. Here are some common finish options for aluminum profiles. Aluminum Natural Thailand Phone Number List Colors Aluminum colors are a classic choice with a modern industrial look. This color is suitable for many interior and exterior applications and can be pair with a variety of decorating styles. Have a simple and clean appearance, suitable for places that require a bright and cool atmosphere. It is commonly us in.

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