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The suitable for the European market. Whether it is home decoration or commercial projects, it is a reliable choice that you cannot miss. As a treasure of modern lighting, the author’s avatar light strip has become a part of our lives. However, a common and important question when installing and using light strips is whether it is better to use AC or DC power. This article will explore this question in more depth to help you better understand how to light up your life. Should light strips use AC power or DC power supply? Introduction to Nascondel element light strips. Power requirements for AC and DC light strips. How to choose a light strip power supply. Frequently ask questions. Introduction to light strips.

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Light strip with the characteristics of high efficiency, low power consumption, bright colors and diversification. famous lighting products. They are widely us not only in home decoration Jamaica WhatsApp Number List but also in commercial places and the automotive industry. They have the advantages of long life, high brightness, low heat generation but there are some choices in the power supply us. AC and DC Before we discuss the light strip power supply in depth, let’s briefly understand the basic concepts of AC and DC. Alternating current Alternating current is a current whose direction changes periodically.  and current in a power supply over time is usually express in Hertz.

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Alternating current in household power sockets is a typical example. However, light strips are not always compatible with AC power. Direct Current DC short for is a current with a constant Cambodia Phone Number List direction. In direct current, the voltage and current always remain in the same direction and do not change periodically. Batteries typically provide DC power. Many electronic devices and light strips require DC power to function properly. Power Requirements for Light Strips Light strips require either AC power

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