The developing AI technology brings many

Benefits, but at the same time poses many challenges for us in the context of law, such as: compliance with regulations and AI technology standards internal regulations regarding the handling and protection of data by AI systems verification of tasks performed by AI education of employees and co-workers in the field of AI technology ethical issues related to the use of AI Key legal aspects – Copyright Act From a legal perspective, the most important question is whether the work we create in an AI tool is a work.

Law in the use of artificial intelligence

and regulations of AI tools The terms and conditions of AI tools may contain provisions that limit the scope of use of works created using them . Befo Lithuania Telemarketing Data re using a given AI tool, it is worth reading its regulations carefully. Law in AI is a complicated field that requires constant monitoring and updating of knowledge. Key legal aspects regarding AI include issues related to copyright, liability for decisions made by AI, The developing and ethics in AI. When using AI tools, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities and understand what the limitations of these tools are. AI Act – a new chapter in AI law The AI ​​Act is a new chapter in AI law that aims to ensure a high level of health and safety protection.

At the same time, enable the development

Lithuania Telemarketing Data

of innovative technological solutions. This new legal act covers issues such as liability for decisions made by AI, protection of privacy and pe Latvia Phone Number List rsonal data, as well as ethical principles in AI. We have already written a bit more about this in the article: AI Act Law and security Even though the law does not block us from using AI solutions on a daily basis and using them in our work, it is worth The developing remembering, above all, about data security. When sharing data, e.g. with GPT chat or other tools, remember that it works on the principle of open source and this data can be used for further learning.

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