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Advocacy program should be tailored to the needs and expectations of employees, which increases the chances of its success. It is therefore worth conducting .Internal research to understand employees’ .Motivations, skills and what forms of .Support are most attractive to them. Fourth, the effects of activities. Related to the employee support .The third program should be. Tracked and regularly .Monitored and assessed.. This is the only way to be sure that the program brings positive results and helps to strengthen the brand. A plan for implementing an effective Employee Advocacy program There are many tactics you can use to implement an effective Employee Advocacy program. It is worth starting by preparing tools and a platform that will help employees share information about the company easily and quickly .

For this purpose, you can use platform

providers such as Sharbee or plan it within your own structures. Initially, when the budget for Employee Advocacy is not high, such activities can be started, for example, through a shared drive or a social media group. These may also be mobile ap Sri Lanka Telemarketing Data plications, social media platforms, internal forums on the intranet or newsletters. It is also important to encourage employees to actively participate in the program. This can be The third achieved by organizing training and workshops. They will help employees acquire the necessary skills, as well as by rewarding and recognizing those who are most committed to the Employee Advocacy program. It is also worth paying attention to the quality and value of the information provided by employees.

They should not only be interesting

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but also credible and consistent with the company’s values. Therefore, it is worth providing employees with access to approp Cambodia WhatsApp Number List Riate educational and information. Materials and defining the framework within .Which they should operate. Measuring the success of .Your employee advocacy .Program measuring the success .Of an employee advocacy program is. Essential to be able to assess whether. The program brings. Positive results and contributes .To strengthening the brand. There are many indicators. That can be used to the third assess .The effectiveness of the program.Such as the number of new customers .Acquired thanks to employees.The number of shares and comments .On employee posts on social. Media, or the level of employee. Involvement in the program.

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