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The and dissipates it to prevent overheating. Heat sink design Many light strips are equipp with heat sinks to dissipate heat more efficiently. Radiators are usually made of aluminum or copper, which have excellent thermal conductivity properties. Mount on the back of the light strip, they quickly transfer heat to the surrounding air. This design helps ruce the operating temperature of the lamp beads and improves the service life and performance of the lamp strip. The importance of airflow. In addition to the radiator, the airflow around the light strip is also a key factor in heat dissipation. If the light strip is install in a narrow space where air cannot circulate, heat will accumulate around the lamp beads and cause overheating.

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Strips, be sure to ensure adequate ventilation to facilitate heat dissipation.  Heat Dissipation Design Good heat dissipation design can not only extend the service life of the light strip but also maintain the stability of its Bolivia WhatsApp Number List performance. Overheating of the lamp strip will not only ruce its brightness but also damage the lamp beads, resulting in loss of lighting effect. For this reason, manufacturers fully consider the heat dissipation issue when designing light strips to ensure that the light strips maintain good working condition for a long time. How to effectively dissipate heat from light strips.

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Devices, but effective heat dissipation is crucial to ensuring their long-term stable operation. Here are some key points on how to effectively dissipate heat from a light strip. When choosing a suitable radiator, you should Brazil Phone Number List  pay special attention to whether the product is equipp with enough heat sinks when purchasing a light strip. Different models of light strips can be equipp with different types of radiators so you ne to choose the appropriate style according to your usage nes. Generally, aluminum heat sinks are a good choice because aluminum has.

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