The Preview of ‘Tristesse’ Opens the Xx Unpublished Spanish Film Festival

Unpublish Spanish Film Festival in Jaén  by the Provincial Council Opens This Tuesday with the Preview of the Film ‘Tristesse’, by Emilio Ruiz Barrachina. the Screening Is for . at the Darymelia Theater in the Capital. the Deputy for Culture and Sports, ÁNgel Vera, Has  This Feature Film Together with This Director and Different . Protagonists of This Film, Such as the Actors Enrique Simón and Rebeca Arrosse and theRetiring or Continuing. It Is a Reflection on Life and Disappointments,” Said Vera, Who  That It Is “A Film with Autobiographical Overtones That Pays Tribute to Cinema with Different . Twists and Nods Throughout It.” Likewise, She Has  to the Parallels That Unite .

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Tristesse with Chopin’s Work of the Same Name on Which the Feature Film Is  “Since They Are Both  by the Same Leitmotif: the Lack of  Leads to Sadness. Relationship of the Film with the Work of the Polish Composer. as He ‘Tristesse’ Takes Its Title from This Musical Study by Chopin That Runs Through the Entire  Oman Phone Number Data Feature Film, Where It Becomes a Kind of Litany. He Has Out “It Is a Very Italian-Style Film, Where Each Sequence Resolves Itself and Gives Way to the Next.” “It Is a Fun Story, but at the Same Time It Makes Us Reflect on Ourselves and on These Times That We Find . Ourselves in Life in Which We Have to Make Really Important Decisions, in Which We Have to Renew Ourselves to Move Forward,” Said the Director.

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His Part, Enrique Simón

One of the Protagonists of This Film, Has  the Relationship Between the Story of the Film and the Current Situation, Since ‘Tristesse’ “Speaks of a Process of Change Like the One We Are All Experiencing Here, Where You Have to Leave.’Things to Be Reborn, to Continue Living, to Remake. “We Are All Going to See That It Is Necessary to Leave Afghanistan Phone Number List Obsolete Things Behind to Be Reborn Again Like the Phoenix.” He Also  Ruiz Barranchina for the Opportunity to Participate in This Film and for the . Effort That the Jaén  Provincial Council Is Making to Support Cinema in the Current Context. That These Times Are for the . Brave ,” the Actor  This Tuesday’s Screening Is the First of the Xx  Film Festival in Jaén, Which Will Continue Until May 7 at the Darymelia Theater in the Capital.

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