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The light strip outdoors, it must be waterproof and dustproof, not only to protect the light strip itself but also to protect the power supply. At this point, waterproofing nes to be consider. Waterproofing protects the power supply from damage caus by moisture and direct contact with water.   waterproof products is usually or. Some indoor applications may require a waterproof power supply especially in environments with high humidity such as kitchens or bathrooms. For more information on waterproofing see our protection rating guide. Connect light strips to a power source Light strips are a great lighting option but for them to work properly you ne to connect them correctly to the appropriate power source.

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Understand is that strip lights usually run on low voltage or not directly connect to standard household voltage power. Therefore a suitable power supply is requir. However, there are some light strips that can be connect Thailand Phone Number List directly to a power source because they already have a built-in power supply or do not require an additional power source. This information is report in technical specifications or product characteristics. In addition, when handling low-voltage light strips, be sure to pay attention to the polarity of the power supply. The light strip has two polarities, positive and negative. Typically the r wire should be plugg into the power socket mark .

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Plugg into the location mark . Connectors are often us to simplify the connection between light strips and between light strips and power supplies. Can I connect multiple light strips to the same power source? Yes you Vietnam Phone Number List can connect multiple light strips to the same power source which is very practical in many projects. However there is a key point to remember about total horsepower. It must be ensur that the total power of all light strips connect to the same power source does not.

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