The second edition of the State Day of Voluntary Service of Tamaulipas

Last Saturday, September 5, the second edition of the State Day of Voluntary Service was held. Organize by the System. The first pleasant surprise is that participation double compared to last year. When more than 42 thousand people responded positively to the call to undertake some activity for the common good. In all the municipalities of the entity. Actions were carried out in favor of the community through this program “We are all volunteers for a strong ” . This act of convocation and citizen participation constitutes an unprecedented civic event in Mexico. Since no other entity had committed as much to volunteering as does now. On the one hand. Since the beginning of the current administration, the government has committed to promoting the strengthening of voluntary groups by investing economic resources for training and experience systematization sessions.

The Medal of Volunteer Merit was established

Which recognizes those who have sufficient achievements with this distinction and which is awarded on December 5, International  Volunteer Day. Two mportance of undertaking a civic call based on voluntary service to join Buy Honduras Cell Phone Number Database forces with the  and universities, schools, religious groups, civil society organizations, companies and public agencies and celebrate a day of generosity, where the benefit achieved is returned to everyone. Many people have given a family touch to her participation, since they involved her children, which constitutes an excellent example to reproduce these altruistic acts. According to preliminary information, more than 3 thousand actions were carried out to maintain and recondition schools, clean streets, medians, squares, storm drains, river banks, coasts, reforestation of parks and avenues, restitution of signage.

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Support for people with disabilities

Encouraging responsible driving behaviors, literacy, promotion of culture and sports, among others. It will be necessary to obtain details Belgium Phone Number List of all the reports and evidence that the municipal DIF send to the state to have the final balance, but the day was a success. It will surely have been a delight for teachers. Parents and administrative staff to observe the faces of the girls and boys . Who arrived for classes on Monday and were surprise to see that their had a new face after the passage of volunteers. Who beautified its 12 classrooms. Dozens of people who participated in volunteer service provide preventive and corrective maintenance to the facilities. Cultivate green areas and gardens, and painted sports fields and the perimeter fence. In this case the direct benefit was for  children and their fathers and mothers.

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